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    Colleen; I linv in New england. I was misdiagnosed with other things
    besides GD three times. They could not figure out why my heart beat so
    fast. It wasn’t until I thought I was having a heart attack that
    they sent me to the ER. Even then, they only “thought” I had a thyroid
    problem. When I was in the hospital this past week, I asked the doctor
    if I would have had a thyroid storm if I was properly diagnosed last year.
    He said no, this would not have happened. I was too far advanced, and
    now we are playing “catch up”. What surprises me is the number of eye
    problems people have with GD. My eyes have not given me any significant
    problems. I have had a lot of weight loss and insomnia the past six
    months. I had asked John earlier if he knew what would happen if I had
    to go through the radioactive iodine treatment again. Will the same thing
    happen.? I really don’t feel up to being in a hospital again.. I wonder
    if surgery would be better for me? Do you have any information on this?
    Thanks again……erica

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