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      Hi, Claudia
      I’ve gone thru three FP’s in the last two years while I had HMO. The other two FP’s didn’t want to lose the money from me coming in every month so they wouldn’t authorize for me to see a Endocrinologist. I finally complained about this to the HMO and filed a complaint and they called the FP. After I finally started going to the Endocrinologist the other FP still wanted to see me. After awhile both doctors were advising two different things, (stay on PTU forever and advised against RAI, and the Endo saying do the RAI when your levels are within acceptable range. After almost 1 1/2 yrs on 600 PTU, the lst endo didn’t think it would be safe to do the RAI yet! I went to another Endocrinologist in the area and he looked at the same blood tests and said “Oh, you can do the RAI next week! What a bunch! Have we lost track of who’s who yet! We have two family practioners going at each other saying the other is right and two endocrinologist that recommend two different things. Boy, was I confused. I was pretty sick with migraines, etc so I was like a drowning person waiting for a line to be thrown to him. I chose Door #2 (RAI). I still have that nagging thought that I chose the wrong door, but at the time I was desperate. Now, what nags at my mind is, “Is No 2 Endocrinologist from HMO, should be seeing me more than once every three months. After my initial RAI treatment in July, he didn’t see me until three months later! So, what’s a girl to do? I feel like I’m fighting WW III here trying to get good health care. So, the question is, “Should a patient after having RAI treatment be seen every three months. With the up’s and down’s of GD on a daily basis, would it be too much to expect to be seen once a month or every two months? I’m I being unrealistic? Boy, I’m I glad I got that off my mind!

        Post count: 93172

        Got the results from my bimonthly blood letting. My TSH is 9.5 and
        my free T4 is 0.8….that explains the 5 lbs I gained and why I hate getting out of bed! Anyway, now
        I have to cut my dosage of PTU now. I’m still contemplating RAI, but
        I’m going to my gynecologist first…the nicest doctor I know, and finding
        out if my progesterone imbalances could cause some of this other stuff. I
        think I’ve developed a MAJOR tendency to blame it all on GD.

        Thanks for all the RAI advice…it’ll sure help making the right choice.
        I went back to some old posts about scary RAI reactions. Ugh. This
        is a hard decision. Wouldn’t it be great if someone just TOLD you
        what was best could guarantee great results? Fat chance.

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