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      Are you not taking ANY meds? From what my endocrinologist said, this is
      very dangerous. Get on something and find a doctor that will help you and
      that you are comfortable with. This is not a disease to mess around with.
      My endo said that very often, people with Graves’ that go untreated often
      end up in an emergency room in cardiac arrest. Graves’ disease puts a
      strain on your heart and pretty soon, it will give up.

      You have to take your meds. Don’t let a bad doctor rule your life. You
      can and WILL feel better – but you have to treat this disease.

      Please email me if you need any support, info, or just a friend. But
      please, don’t stop taking your meds.


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        I had RAI on May 8th and found out my levels are still elevated.. I have already gained 4 pounds and I am not eating any more or any less than usual. I feel very bloated. Why am I gaining weight now if i am still in the hyper state? Also, when I finally get on synthroid, will I be able to control my weight better or will I always have to watch it?

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          Hi Lynn, I had RAI on 2/24 and my levels didn’t come down until May –
          I gained weight during those months and although it wasn’t some
          astronomical amount it was enough that I can’t buttom my pants or
          shorts and I feel uncomfortable. My eating hadn’t increased either.
          I am now hypo and the weight thing has seemed to stabalize – last
          visit to the endo there was no weight gain – I am hoping that now that
          I began synthroid and am trying to walk that the weight will come
          back off or hopefully no more will be put on!

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