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      Some of the symptoms sound the same, but my hand did not swell up. There was radiating pain with must about any movement. I couldn’t move my shoulder much at all. But a MRI showed a problem in the nerve stem, coming from a cervical vertebrae for me. I don’t think mine had a thing to do with Graves, so I can’t help you here.


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        What symptoms did you have with this frozen shoulder? I’ve been trying to find out if anyone has had
        problems with their right arm and hand hurting and numbness with the hand swelling so its unable to
        use at times and sometimes for days. Doctor had me on steroids and now I just had an xray because the
        thinks it may be a pinched nerve in my neck. I think it has to do with GD? Any ideas from anyone out
        there? co1leen

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          Hi! Colleen I’ve had stiff neck and back and shoulder problems for years
          never had them investigated but I think it was probably something to do
          with the poor muscle tone of stomach and shoulders. Things like getting
          out of the bath, shaking doonas, sweeping, squatting and the similar I now
          realize why I couldn’t do them well. The medical books say this improves
          but I’m still waiting!! At least we can ask each other and know we’re not
          the only ones with strange problems. Also I’m sure I had many symptoms of
          GD going back 20 years finally coming to head when my eyes got huge.
          Good luck.

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            Doctors thought I had TSO in 95 before they found GD in 96. Turns out GD
            causes muscle spasms in pectoral muscle which puts pressure on cortoid
            artery causing numbness and tingling in hand among other things. Often miss
            diagnosed as a varity of other problems. Been there done that!

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