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      Hi Bobbi. I was diagnosed in ’91 and controlled well with PTU. I must
      have a mild case of GD because, other than graying hair and fast pulse,
      I really haven’t had other symptoms. I guess for me the fear of RAI is
      that it is inexact, and permanent. Once tissue has been destroyed you are totally
      at the mercy of drugs. Based on my experience, which was being weaned
      off of PTU and euthyroid for 18 months, I am not yet ready to relinquish
      contol to the point of swallowing radioactive iodine. I am committed
      to trying every other avenue first, for myself, so that if it comes to
      RAI being a must, I will know I have done every other thing possible.
      I have gone off caffeine, and am going to try one other thing before I
      see my endo for the first time in Feb. (I’ve seen an internist up to
      now, but she is referring me.) Up until now, I have had viable options
      in treating my GD, and I guess I am not yet ready to give up having
      options. Have you heard from anyone else as to why they are reluctant
      to take RAI? I’d be interested in what others think. Thanks for
      sharing your experience – I am trying to get as many opinions as I can!

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