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      Very very well said. Congratulations!

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        The problem with accepting RAI as a treatment, is that the statistics of eye problems being aggravated by it, vary from physician to physician. My endo cites numbers much higher than 5% – more like 15%. Those are considerable greater odds.

        Here’s an interesting note. I am interviewing new insurance companies for my employees’ health coverage. Since I am the only one now currently facing the dreaded “pre-existing condition” clause, I made sure I asked them about Graves’ Disease. Get this – they will withhold coverage to me for a year (consistent with the new bill Clinton signed into law) but they will NEVER cover this condition unless I have SURGERY. They won’t accept RAI as a treatment. I even called the underwriting department to make sure my sales rep knew what he was talking about.

        This little tidbit tells me that, like Aspartame, Seldane, and a host of other “accepted” treatments for illnesses, RAI MAY not be the Godsend everyone has been led to believe it is. Everyone should research it, cross-examine their physicians about it, and only make the decision if it is, indeed what THEY want to do. Regardless of what is “accepted” as treatment, the individual receiving it is the one who must live with it – not the prescribing doctor, or someone else with the disease, for whom RAI has brought satisfactory or unsatisfactory results. What works for one person may not for another, and an informed decision deserves support.

        Just another opinion from Ohio, where it won’t snow. :(

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          I agree everyone should research their options
          before they go ahead with something so permanent.
          I had RAI in November, and my coverage at work paid
          the whole shot which was $165.00. I was very surprised since
          when I was off work for 5 weeks when first
          diagnosed they told me I should be all better within
          a week and put back to work on light duty!!!!
          I had to go to my doctor and get a 3 page letter that
          cost me $200.00 (ironic Huh!) to prove that Graves was not going
          to “get better” in a week. I had to pay my Doctor up front with money I
          did not have, before he would release the letter to me to get money
          to pay back the money I borrowed to live ,while I was waiting for
          6 weeks for a cheque.What a Run-a Round!!!! Anyway I am feeling as little
          better but still not sleeping at night and eyes are starting to act up again.
          Hope to regulate this when I see Endo this Friday.
          Does anyone who has had RAI have a problem with a burning sensation
          in their throat and trouble swallowing??
          Lynn from TOronto.

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