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      Hi Andrea,
      Glad you found this BB I know it as provided me with alot of information
      and I’v had GD for nearly 5 years. you can sometimes get more help
      from this support group then Doctors! the people are great.
      I had RAI after I was diagnosed, went hypo was put on synthoid, and
      for me it’s still a roller coaster ride, I’m hypo again so my dosage
      was recently adjusted, I’m starting to feel better again,for how long
      thats hard to say, I’ve never been stabalized for long periods of time.
      everyone has their own story to tell I’m sure.Having support is a big plus.
      I was so happy when I found this group, It’s like I’m not alone anymore
      neither are you.I turn 29 in January we are the same age,still young
      and strong enough to handle it right! I don’t know if there is a connection
      to GD and Diabetes, but my doctors would ask if there was Diabetes in my
      family (and there is)so I really don’t know. I just know that I don’t have
      it thank God.
      I wish you luck,all the best,

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