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      The reason your doctor won’t tell you much is probably because he/she doesn’t know much. I was just lucky after my horrible time getting in with my Oklahoma doctor, that I got a good ob/gyn. He had a dual speciality in OB/GYN and Endocrinology so he actually knew what he was doing. Although, he did resign from hios position at the clinic I went to, he worked with the other doctor (who also had the same dual speciality) for a couple weeks to make sure the new doctor knew where all the patients were in their treatments and where they should be going, etc. And the new doctor was wonderful; he answered all my questions and didn’t cut me off b/c he was busy (even if he was). But one week, he had to give a speech at a convention, so I had to see another doctor and she was CLUELESS as to anything about GD. I was glad I had a knowledgeable doctor, not an idiot like the one I had to see the week he was gone. So, if you aren’t happy with your doctor, try to find a new one. You don’t want someboddy who doesn’t know what they are doing, if (god forbid) you start to have complications. I know I was especially glad when, during the end of my labor, I passed out twice and my doctor used foreceps to pull my baby out (I had been pushing an hour and a half) and quickly give me IV drugs to calm my body back down. I was starting to go into shock and he thought I might have a thyroid storm if I didn’t deliver right then and there. If it was some other doctor, I don’t know if they would have thought to give me the right drugs for my thyroid at that time.

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