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      Hi everybody! So I’m wondering how some of you are out there after having RAI after awhile? It’s been 1 year for me, and I am now showing normal levels of t4 and tsh with synthroid daily. I’ve been disappointed in the fact that I don’t feel great by now. (was that unrealistic?) Anyway, I feel like I still have hyPO symptoms. So I’m alittle confused and was wondering what others’ experience has been. Could you take a second and write about it? Thanks, I appreciate it. Trish

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        Three years after RAI and have used many different dosages of synthriod.
        I would always after several weeks go very high or to the other side
        hypo. Thus, I was placed on cytomel and have stayed quite stable the past
        six months.

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          Hi trish! I also had a total thyroid removal 3 months ago, and I know quite well how you feel.
          After a long hyper term, get used to such radical metabolic changes is, as WE KNOW WELL, quite hard.
          It will take time, for sure; but what really anoyes me is the contradiction between the ‘within normal
          test results, and the actual hypo symptoms we do suffer.
          Well, in my oppinion, if we passed though all this -RAI or surgery- is to get a better life standards, dont we?
          so; what Im trying to do if find out why there is such a DIFFERENCE between what the results
          numbers show and how we actually deal with. And what can we doo about it.
          In this sense, I have difficulties in making my doctor understand that I do really fell
          and suffer hypo – sometimes also kind of hyper symptoms… They just seem to trust the
          god-dammed result numbers, and try to palliate other symptoms; such hair loss, dizzynes, memory and
          mind organization traits etc. isolately; and well, I dont quite agree with it.
          I fell that somehow, there must be a way to treat all those strange hypo sympoms as
          a whole: find a balance, or something.
          Im working on it now, despite their faith in numbers.
          Ill let you know if Im able to find out some solution or answer.
          Anyway, have a nice Xmas, a good and relaxed time, and dont let all this difficulties
          let you down. Well Make it!!

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