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      I was reading one of my home remedy books and found some interesting things.
      Several things for migraines are:
      1. At the first sign of a headache, take a vigorous walk. pain should
      fade in 10 minutes.
      2. Two teaspoons of honey with each meal will banish migraines. If you feel one coming on, a quick
      tablespoon can help alot. Or boil equal parts of vinegar and honey
      and inhale the steam.
      3. To avoid the sick headache, chew a few feverfew leaves every day. (whatever that is)
      4. Soaking hands in very hot water will ease the pain on the head.
      5. A migraine headache will go away if you drink tea made from the valerian root.

      For hoarseness: slowly sip warm chickweed tea. For best results, add l
      ots of honey and a small splash of vinegar.

      Thought these were interesting.

      Hope they help someone.


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