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      As for alternating days, etc. in taking your drug, I have been doing it
      for some time. In fact, everytime I need a change, the Doc suggests a
      new order. Sometimes, I skip a day, other times I add a half a pill on
      Sunday. It doesn’t seem to have any daily effect on me, but it’s the
      cumulative effect that counts. This seems to be the easier way to slow
      ly change your dosage. Seems to be fine for me….no yo-yo effect at
      all. Good luck. Shirley

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        Good Wednesday Morning,

        I have a question I would like to throw out to the house.
        After my endo visit yesterday the doctor decided my thyroid
        meds need to be adjusted. However, the dose he feels I
        should be on is not manufactured. Therefore, I was told to take
        say .175 mcg. one day the next day take .150 mcg. My question is has anyone
        else taken various doses every other day? How did this work out for you?
        Also, my concern is feeling like a ping pong ball or will this even itself out?

        My second question is regarding thyroid antibodies. At my last reading
        my thyroid antibodies were 319,000. Does anyone now what the normal range is.
        I assume it is quite high but I am still curious.

        Any help or input is appreciated.
        Have a great day,

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          How long have you been alternating drugs? What type of drugs are your taking?

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