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    Hi Glynis

    We went thru this discussion a while back before you found us. My doctor used to work with convicts specifically in the areas of thyroid and depression. He told me that a large number of the murders in this country are actually triggered by thyroid problems, and of course, associated depression. He actually thought that was a pretty good defense in this case.

    Nasty stuff, these thyroid problems.


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    It might be true that overactive thyroid people are more emotional and
    overreact to situations that they normally could handle. There are much
    more fight and flight hormones being produced than your brain and body
    can tolerate. Kinda like super-long-term PMS. I’m not surprised that
    thyroid people can be violent.
    The very first support person I ever contacted was someone in prison for
    attempted murder done while hyperthyroid. I never heard from him again once
    he was treated. He had a lot of trouble getting ANY adequate medical
    care while in prison. So there’s always somebody worse off right?

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    Listening to the news last night, I couldn’t believe my ears….The guy who killed
    his “secret admirer” from the whole Jenny Jones thing, well part of his defense was
    that he was depressed and had a thyroid problem! This is the second time I’ve heard
    thyroid problems used to defend some very strange behavior…I think we’re going to get
    a bad rep!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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