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      I’ve had Graves Disease since 9/96 and have been on PTU and Corgard since then. Now my doctor has advised me to have a thyroidectomy vs. rai b/c I am 32 and still want another child. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this surgery? My doc recommended a general surgeon but I tend to like specialists. Problem is I cant find one. They must exist.Also my doc has never advised me to get my eyes checked out-is that weird? There really is no sign of problems with them yet. As soon as I’m in control, maybe 1 month, I’ll be on iodine for 10 days then surgery. I’m also curious if there is laser surgery available-according to the surgeon I spoke with-he says no.
      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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        Tina I had a partial thryoidectomy in Sept 94. I live in Western
        Australia but was lucky enough to find a surgeon who trained at the Mayo
        clinic and had specialized in thyroid surgery. But I did try to check
        with other surgeons to see if they had experience with this op. too.

        I assume you know the complications which MAY happen due to surgery.
        My parathyroid glands were damaged and consequently I need to take a
        Calcium supplement for the rest of my life. (This sounds easy but it is
        a bit more involved in that I wasn’t absorbing it well – but to cut a
        long story short I have found a Naturopathic Calcium tabl that is working
        for me.)

        I would take extra time to find a specialist who has done a lot of
        thyroidectomies. It’s not like your having veirocose veins done, is it??

        I have a very fine scar that is fading. You can email me if you’d like
        to know anything else.


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