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      I have just been cleared for a thyroidectomy. I have Graves disease which has not responded well to Methimazole treatment. My Endo has weighed out radioactive iodine treatment due to his concern of side effects for other health reasons. I’m nervous for surgery and I’m looking for some advice. Hope I’m making the right decision.

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        Hello – You can use the “search posts” feature when you are logged in to check out stories from other patients. Try keyword “thyroidectomy”, and you should get several hits.

        Also, if you are on Facebook, we have a closed group there where a lot of regular posters have had surgery.

        The GDATF’s videos and playlists on YouTube (search for channel name GravesAndThyroid) also have some great info.

        Wishing you all the best!

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          The thyroidectomy is easy compared to dealing with methimazole! I had my thyroidectomy six months after Graves diagnosis. Surgery was outpatient, no problems at all. Quick recovery, minimal scar. My labs were normal right away. It has been five years and no regrets, no problems. Take my levothyroxine every morning, labs yearly and I feel exactly as I did preGraves. Just be sure your surgeon does a lot of these surgeries, makes all the difference.

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            Hi Liz. Thank you for your reply and sharing your story. I really appreciate the support. Methimazole has been a challenge for many reasons so I’m just looking forward to getting off of it.

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