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      Any info appreciated. Thanks.

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        Hi Alice–here is some info I found on the web about thyroid storm:



        A severe life-threatening form of hyperthyroidism; a medical emergency with a mortality rate of 20-40%

        II. ETIOLOGY
        Trauma or illness may cause this in a previously mildly hyperthyroid patient


        Signs and symptoms consistent with thyrotoxicosis (tachycardia,heat intolerance, weight loss) plus fever, confusion, agitation,weakness, and shock

        Dianne N

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          Can someone please enlighten me on what a thyroid storm is??
          Any info would be much appreciated.

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            I was only diagnosed with graves disease eight weeks ago. For two years
            I was told that the symptoms I was having were in my head. Finally, last
            week I finally went for my radioactive iodine treatment. The tech. who
            issused me the dose told me that in the 15 years hes been treating people
            he has never seen anyone have a thyroid storm….of course, I had to be the
            first. I was just released from the hospital after a three miserable day
            stay. I am losing all hope that I will ever feel back to my normal self.
            Has anyone been through this…I am really looking for some positive advice
            Thanks, erica

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              I Erica, I went thru thyroid storm 18 month ago and spent a few days in the hospital
              It’s pretty scary and I continue to taking the beta blockers even after taking the
              atomic cocktail 6 months ago. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing consenting
              to that procedure. I put a message out earlier this week labeled “bedtime stories”
              I wished I’d found this support group last year. I wished I could tell you things
              are alot better but I’m still not able to exercise, always huffing and puffing from
              the exercise of doing anything. After the RAI treatment I had alot of trouble with my
              hands and right arm hurting and swelling. Do you still have palipatations? I’ve found
              that people who go thru thryroid storm have trouble adjusting to synthryoid because the
              medication makes the palipatations worsen for a couple months. I wonder if the what I
              went thru 18 months ago damaged my heart, haven’t gone to a heart specialist but intend
              to soon. Please ask as many questions as you can before the RAI treatment. If I had it
              to do all over again I may have tried some homopathic alternatives, herbs, vitamins, etc.
              Let me know how your doing. I’ve never found anyone that went thru what I did!

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                Hi Jude-
                I’m afraid I can’t be of any help to you with regard to your concerns about Thyroid Storm. I would like to offer you this advise, however… Please consider speaking with your endo about the more conservative route of taking meds. It seems to me that you’re rushing into the RAI and you may be able to get some control more quickly with meds. If your edo is pushing the RAI, then perhaps you shouldl seek out another physician. The first endo I went to handed me a pamphlet at my first appt, which is when I also was diagnosed by him, and asked which option I would want to chose for treatment. Right there and then, I knew he was not the endo for me! Upon leaving his office, I wasn’t even sure that I believed I indeed had GD! I did change dr’s and am quite satisfied with my current endo. Please give this some thought… and keep reading this BB! None of us knows the other, but yet we are so deeply connected by this miserable disease. It’s a bittersweet way to make contact with new people… make use of it!
                Take care,
                Tina (mom2sarah)

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                  Thanks for the advice. However, I’m reading this now two and half hours after taking the RAI. I did consider the meds, but after talking to my doc and everything I could find on the treatments, it appeared that the meds did not have a very good long-term success rate. I consistently came across numbers as low as 20%-30% and that upwards of 70% still had to do the surgery or RAI down the road. I took that information into consideration my lifestyle, (constantly traveling for work) and felt that I might have trouble keeping with the med schedule and then after all of that end up doing the RAI anyway.

                  In any event, it’s done. No going back now. Being hyperthyroid was so much fun I just can’t wait to feel what being hypothyroid feels like! (Heavy sarcasm!)

                  Thanks! I’m glad I found this bulletin board.


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