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      Okay, here is an excellent post done by Bobbi back in October of 1999. I have cut and pasted it to you to make it a tiny bit easier. In the future, you may run a search to find the info you are looking for.

      Good Luck!

      BTW: Jake’s cousin’s son went into thyroid storm and had a heart attack at the tender age of 23! Shortly after that, he committed suicide. Graves’ disease is a serious disease if left untreated.

      Posted by : Bobbi on 10/6/99 at 6:56:11 AM

      Having palpitations is tremendously scarey, but is not necessarily thyroid storm. The symptoms of thyroid storm are severe, and life threatening. According to the MERCK MANUAL OF MEDICAL INFORMATION (p. 707). “THYROID STORM, sudden extreme overactivity of the thyroid gland, may produce fever, extreme weakness and loss of muscle, restlessness, mood swings, confusion, altered consciousness (even coma), and an enlarged liver with mild jaundice. Thyroid storm is a life-threatening emergency requiring prompt treatment. Severe strain on the heart can lead to a life-threatening irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and shock. Thyroid storm is generally caused by untreated or inadequately treated hyperthyroidism and can be triggered by infection, trauma, surgery, poorly controlled diabetes, fear, pregnancy or labor, discontinuance of thyroid medication, or other stresses.” So, if you are having thyroid storm, your hormone levels will be through the roof, so to speak. Palpitations generally occur when, for some reason, we can FEEL our heart beating. There may be nothing wrong, per se, with the rhythm of the beats, but because we can feel the beating, it is scarey. Any of these symptoms should be checked with your doctor who would be the only person really qualified to determine whether there is a heart irregularity.

      Bobbi — NGDF Asst. Online Facilitator

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