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      about four years ago I had a viral pneumonia and after getting better I started swelling in my ankles to gigantic proportions and shaking. I went to a doctor and she said I was having a thyroid storm and after giving me Atenolol and Propylthiouracil she weaned me off and I had a normal TSH and T4. I continued to have thyroid tests every year and they were normal. However two weeks ago the results came back with both tests clearly “off the charts” and now my doctor is saying that I probably have graves disease and is sending me for thyroid scans. I do not seems to have several of the symptoms, i. e. “loss of weight”, in fact, I have GAINED weight. Please can someone explain this to me and also tell me what is involved in a thyroid scan series. Thank you so much.

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        Hello , Connie

        not much involed to a scan
        they just take a picture and
        before the picture they give you a pill
        to take so they can see the picture better
        weight gain just because your hyper doesn’t
        mean you will loose weight better that you
        dont loose the weight because most people i have
        spoken to after they lost alot of weight just put back more
        at the end of all these procedures.But everybody is different
        you will be fine

        take care


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