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      Hey steve

      i think back to 96
      i was alot like you are
      everybody is different
      there are people here
      able to work 2 jobs ,and
      people who work 10 hour shifts
      and than other ‘s who can’t work
      at all.At this point your anxiety levels
      must be high only yourself will be the one
      able to make the judement call when
      you are ready to work again until than ,somebody on this bb
      told me this 2 yrs ago when i was, where you were
      let yourself be sick it will take time ,you will be back to work soon
      i wish i can say the same about myself.

      take care , steve

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        First off, thanks to all who replied to my previous entry (Am I Expect Continuing Problems?)

        How many of you kept working while hyper? I managed for a little over two months before I finally requested a medical leave. My thyroid levels on 11/21/97 where:
        T3-UPTAKE = 43 (reference range 25-35);
        T4 SERUM = 16.3 (reference 4.1-12.2);
        and T7 INDEX = 7.0 (refrence 1.0-4.3).

        It took until 12/24/97 to get treated with RAI. My Endocronologist did not tell me the dosage, so I don’t know that, but I was told I would begin to feel better in one to three months.I went to my regular Doctor on Tuesday seeking relief for the typical Grave’s symptoms, mainly anxiety. He put me on an anti-anxiety medication which has helped tremendously. He also tested my blood again. All my ranges are a little higher than before,and I see an additional test now for TSH 3RD Generation which is 0.01 (reference range 0.4-4.2). Note, I went back to regular Doctor, because when I called my Endochronoligist, he was AT BEST not helpful.

        My questions are: How do these thyroid levels look compared to some of you that did or did not continue working? And, does anyone know of a good, helpful Endo in the Phoenix area?

        I guess I just feel at times that I am making this out to be bigger than it really is. Other times …… not.

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          I’m not at all sure that absolute levels of TSH, T4, etc., translate in any absolute way to how sick we are and feel. That goes for both hyper and hypo. You have to look at the symptoms, and severity of them. I have corresponded with one lady who worked right up until she hit thyroid storm, having passed the symptoms off as “stress”. With me, a TSH of .03 had my heart racing and palpitating, tremors and weakness impacting my muscles. There was no way I could be on my feet, running around, business-as-usual. On the opposite side, I felt GREAT with a TSH of 12 after RAI, and she felt like death-warmed-over. We’re all different.

          Whether we can work or not depends upon how awful we feel, how fast the heart is racing, and the demands of the specific job.

          As far as dealing with the endo — ANY endo — be as objective as possible, when describing what is going on. It is impossible for them to fob off certain concrete symptoms of the problem — like a heart rate in the stratosphere. But if we use vaguer terminology — like “I feel like excrement”– it is easier for some of them to pass off our complaints as whining. Make sure that your unhelpful endo gets a copy of the latest bloodwork, too. THAT is concrete and objective.

          I’m sorry you’re still feeling so lousy.


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