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      Just an interesting tidbit: Gail Deevers was doing a public service commercial on CBS today about getting your thyroid checked.

      Also, in the newest Family Circle, in the column on Medical News there is an article: New Health Threat – It describes a bit about both thyroid conditions. The doctor suggests that everyone get their thyroid levels checked as part of their annual physicals in one part of the article, and in another part they quote him as saying everyone over 35 should get it checked every 5 years (go figure). The article says that 12% of all Americans may be suffering from thyroid conditions without knowing it. About 81% of those have hypothyroidism and the other 19% suffer from hyperthyroidism.

      The doctor, a E.Chest Ridgway, MD,division head of endocrinology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences center also found that 40% of people being treated for thyroid disease STILL have abnormal levels.

      I don’t get why they title the article “New Health Threat.” Guess they couldn’t think of anything catchier!

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