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      Hello to everyone out there.I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful advice and encouragement you give us all.The question I have is how long does it take for all the excess hormones and their effects to leave the body.I went to my endo the other day and he said my bloodwork was normal but I was going hypo.He cut my ATD to 5mg a day.The problem is I still have some of the problems asssociated with being hyper.I have a hard time sleeping and sometimes my heart races.I also have anxiety at times.Has anyone else had this problem?My doctors say that it is not my thyroid and that I have some anxiety disorder.I was referred to a Psychiatrist.All my problems started when I got Graves.I would appreciate input from anyone who can help.Thanks! LJ

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        Hi –

        My most blatant symptom was the heart racing and pounding, and the
        resultant feelings of anxiety, as well as insomnia. I was immediately
        put on a beta blocker until they were sure of the GD diagnosis. So I
        was on a beta blocker for a month almost before the ATD. I am supposed
        to stop the beta blocker when the ATD has things back to normal and I
        FEEL NORMAL TOO, regardless of the blood work. The beta blocker made an
        amazing and seemingly immediate difference in the quality of my day to
        day (and night – snooze) life.

        Good luck! It’s cheaper than a psychiatrist too! Susan

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