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      Welcome, Justin. . .you’ve found the right place!

      The “normal” values for thyroid function tests vary according to laboratory, but here are some “typical” values taken from the FAQ of the newsgroup

      Serum thyroxine T4 4.6-12 ug/dl

      Free Thyroxine FT-4 0.7-1.9 ng/dl

      Serum triiodothyronine T-3 80-180 ng/dl
      Free triiodthyronine FT-3 230-619 pg/dl

      Serum thyrotropin TSH 0.5-6 uU/ml

      Hope this helps. . .I suggest you ask your lab for its normal values. What’s going on with you after three years with this disease?

      Dianne N

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