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      Morning all you warriors!!

      We are trying to update our links to other thyroid sites on the web. The
      National Graves Disease Foundation is an educational organization that does
      not conduct research. We support research by getting the work out on research
      tht is being done. We provide support groups (such as this forum) and provide
      education to those with Graves, their loved ones and the medical community.

      We provide references to the Canadian site and send them many references. We
      also send many references to the Thyroid Foundation of America. Both have a very
      good web site. We work closely with both.

      The bulletins on the Canadian site are excellent (a bit dated). Anyting done
      to promote research and education is a good thing. Every once in a while we
      (the NGDF) get questioned on why we do not provide research. The answer is
      simple. We are an educational organization and provide support. The research
      organizations do not provide support groups so we both fill a nitch in the
      thyroid community.

      The NGDF is not sponsored in total by any one company or organization. We do
      receive some funding for expenses (like Bausch and Lomb pays the bill for this
      BB’s air time). We run on people joining the NGDF and bulletin sales. Our
      service is provided free as is the Canadian and TFA organizations. Only difference
      is we do not have a major corporate sponsor. We also do not have any paid staff
      like the other organizations.

      So if we take a bit to get your mail answered or to call you back that is why.
      Every one of us gives our time to post, answer mail, return phone calls manage the
      BB and web site and find referrals for people who ask.

      We are there for you and will be for as long as we have people who care.

      Jake and Jan

        Post count: 93172

        To all who keep the BB going Thank you. Usually I don’t post, I
        just read, but when I can’t get to the BB it is like I have lost
        my best friend. It is wonderful that you all take the time
        and energy to continue to do what you do. Again Thank you from
        the bottom of my heart.

        Another warrior,

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