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      Hi Mook!

      Great for you! I have heard that can make a big difference with the eyes, maybe you are the inspiration I need to stop myself.

      By the way, 10 mm = 4/10 th of an inch, hehe


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        Hey everyone,
        I have Graves’, but am lucky that my thyroid gland is normal.
        I have severe Thyroid Eye Disease in my left eye though (10mm – 4 inches) protrusion over the normal right eye.
        I gave had TED for 2 years and 4 months, and have smoked all the way though it.
        I managed with alot of love from friends and family (who had had enough of my obstinacy!) to give up all smoke, for two weeks now.
        My eye has come down an inch, and most of the redness has gone.
        My optho was amazed at the change, if things keep going well, he may not have to operate and deconstruct my bones!
        I used nicotine gum.
        I needed maximum will power for 2-3 days, and then the discipline I remebered from high school sports after that.
        I am 33, and its my aquarian birthday in a coupl’a days: 34 and smoke-free.
        I will be able to wink at myself from my afflicted eye for the first time in a while.
        It is exciting.
        Giving up smoking was hard, but the benefits have been huge.
        If you try it, you have my support and prayers.
        Good Luck, and write if you need help.
        I am only a tap away, even here in Australia.

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          My Ophthalmologist(sp?)told me that there was a significant difference with severity of eye disease between smokers and non-smokers. I wonder why? Just for your information.

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            dear Mook, great story. thanks for sharing it. I think there are folks on this board who have wondered if
            giving up smoking would be worth the cost to them. i think you have offered a great incentive.
            Hope you continue to improve. Wink it up. jeannette

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