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      When this thyroid storm hit me last June I went from pre to peri to post menopausal and now that I have had my thyroid out they tell me I am now pre again. I find that I have anywhere from scant to very heavy periods depending on which side of normal my thyroid hormone levels are.

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        I have been having an “up and down” thyroid problem for the past eight years. This winter I was reallly sick with syymptoms that I know were “hyperthyroid”. TSH was low and uptake , etc. showed hyper just like eight years ago. I had blood tests three years ager which was a few weeks ago. Results were that the thyroid is again normal. GP thinks that maybe perimenopausal things are happening. Has anyone else had thyroid that has fluctuated between normal and not normal over a period of years. For eight years I have been getting blood tests once a year. Now I have to get them every three months. Has anyone else been told that they have something called “insipient Graves”? I’m only 43 and I don’t think menopause is close but I have been having very light, scanty periods.

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