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      Hi Everyone!

      I haven’t posted or even visited in a while but I wanted to send an update and a thank you. When I was diagnosed with GD last Jan, this BB was a life saver. I visited often and got a lot of information about this disease.
      Due to my desire to continue nursing my 1 year old and to try to conceive another child in the near future, and after careful onsideration, I chose to have a thyroidectomy. I had the surgery last Thursday and am feeling surprisingly well. I am so glad to be getting this whole thing behind me so I can get on with my life! I am happy to discuss why I feel a thyroidectomy was the very best treatment option for me. If anyone is interested in this information, please email me!
      Thank you to the BB for all the past information! It is so nice to know you’ll be here in case I have questions about TRH or being hypo. Also thanks to Kelly who gave me lots of information and encouragement about surgery!
      Good luck to every one!


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        Hi Kim!
        So glad to hear all went well for you! It always raises spirits to hear the success stories! It does sound like you made a very wise choice for yourself. Our BB was down for almost 2 months so you wouldn’t have been able to visit us anyhow. We are happy to report that Archie has worked his miracles and now has us up and running, better than ever and able to support one another once again!
        Welcome back, Kim!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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