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      Bobbi, when you say you keep going more hypo, do you mean your TSH is still raising? You’re right that the TSH levels at this point aren’t going to change your thyroid levels. The only reason TSH is important now is because it’s the most accurate measurement of whether you’re receiving the right replacement dose. If it’s suppressed (like mine for so long), or not “caught up”, like I hear your endo saying, then all that might mean is that it isn’t an accurate reflection of our thyroid levels right now.

      Then again, you could really be going more hypo because your thyroid is still in the dying-out process. Did your doctor tell you your thyroid is gone? I thought mine was (because I was hypo) but I still have 10% left on one side and 90% on the other, 7 months after RAI.

      If you mean by you’re going more hypo that you’re FEELING more hypo, it could be part of that adjustment phase. Of course, there are those who don’t seem to adjust very well, and that’s another story (which I hope to never know about first hand) These are the thoughts I had on reading your post.

      Dianne N

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