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      Thank you for taking the time I enjoyed it very much.


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        thanks so much for the pick me up. i was having a bad day. it was just what i neeeded, you are right we all need to look on the bright side, and be the optimist it helps in more ways than one.

        ‘Twixt optimist and pessimist
        The difference is droll:
        The optimist sees the doughnut,
        The pessimist , the hole.

        —–Mclandburgh Wilson



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          Once in awhile things get me to thinking. Dangerous I know but they do. One thing is why couldn’t Dr. Graves have had a cool name. “You have Graves’” the doctor says. Holy Cow!! Graves’ Disease!! It positively sounds, well,,, Grave don’t you think? How about if his name was Bliss? The doctor would say you have Bliss disease. Now that sounds a bit better. I might feel like I was pulled through a knothole backwards but I would be full of Bliss!! Just provides a better mental picture I guess.

          Then when you are not feeling well you could be said to be suffering from Bliss. Bliss brings up happy images. Your wedding day. The day your child is born. The day you thought you caught your first fish (only to have it jump out of the pail and back into the water. No, Wait a minute I think that would be a Grave moment). It just brings up images of good things. Remembering good things makes us feel better. They make us laugh and smile.

          So how does one make something Grave into something blissful. Beats me… Forgot where I was going there for a minute. Oh yea now I remember!! (pretty cool the art of writing and reading. To you it was a split second between the first sentence and the second. A mere scan of the eye from one word to the next. For me to remember where I was going took a trip to the coffee pot, didn’t even know I left did you????) As I was saying now I remember. Laugh!! Do something stupid? Laugh about it. Find the humor in your daily life. If you can’t find it just that moment think about something in your past that always makes you laugh. Jimmy Unitus, grappling with a tree trying not to fall into the trout stream. I almost wet myself thinking about that one. And that was 40 years ago.

          It was a tree that fell across a trout stream and you could walk across it to the other side of the stream. Jimmy lost his footing and fell onto the tree and started to slide underneath. He looked like a big old bear trying to hang on. One piece of fishing gear after another fell into the stream and was being washed away. He would let loose with one had to try to catch what dropped only to lose something else and lose even more of a grip on the tree. Finally he knew he could not hang on. He let go and saluted the tree on his way to the ICE cold water below. We howled with laughter. From that day on that tree was known as the Unitus tree. After years the tree rotted away and fell into the stream. It made a nice trout hole behind it and it became known as Unitus hole. Remember a happy story. Laughter is good for the soul.

          Or one of my Scouts. We just spent hours going over how to sharpen a knife, saw and an ax. One of my boys spent hours sharpening an old ax. Man you could have shaved with that thing. His Dad lent him his watch to take to camp. Dad’s watch was laying on the picnic table. On the watch it said “Shock Proof”. The scout looks at the ax, then glances at Dad’s borrowed watch. The watch says “Shock Proof”. To a twelve year old mind “Shock Proof” obviously meant a different thing than what it meant to the maker of the watch!!! The scout takes the ax and gives the watch just an ever so slight whack!! The newly sharpened ax cleaves the “Shock Proof” watch cleanly in half. I could not believe my eyes!! The look on the youths face was one of surprise and dread. To this day I cannot keep from laughing about that. You see the youths Dad was an ex-Marine. He never hit the kids for doing something stupid. After all kids will be kids. But he would make them do push ups and set ups. He would tell them if they were not going to learn from their mistakes they would at least be strong from all the push ups an sit ups and still be able get a job. They boy just knew Dad was going to make for a lot of push ups over that watch. Ol Scoutmaster Jake intervened with Dad. Dad saw the humor. He was not happy but he laughed.

          So remember your Unitus tree or your Scout and laugh. I have Graves’ and life is good.

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            Kudos to you Jake for sharing your wonderful insight to the ligher side of life. I remember an saying I once heard “Angels fly cause they take themselves lightly” …

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