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      OK All,

      I just spent three hours reading all the messages for the past 14 days.
      I had to get caught up and provide my insight(if you can call it that).
      I have a tendancy to write in paragraphs for those of you who do not know
      me yet. They seem disjointed sometimes but I think they get the message
      across so hold on tight. Fasten your seat belt and lets go for a ride.

      Went to a Pow Wow last night. Talked to a master flute maker and he spent
      a few hours with me. I use native american flute as my relaxiation or
      meditation if you will. Relax or meditate at least 20 min a day twice a
      day. I will be making some changes in how I make my flutes and had a great
      time. Going again tomorrow night.

      Started needle point again now tht my back is better and I can sit up and
      do my needle point. It is great eye exercise. Makes nice gifts too.

      PTU and nursing. Talk to your doc and pharmicist. Now that you have GD your
      pharmicist and doc will be your greatest allies. The RX guys really know t
      their stuff and will spend the time with you if you ask. Just ask.

      Newly diagnosed. Read the BB and home page. We have links to almost anything
      you could ask for. If you can’t find what you want drop a note to the BB and
      see if anyone else has found it.

      Nancy and the other leaders!!! I started the BB in June of last year. We
      never anticipated it to go this BIG. Thanks for all of you for answering the
      mail. I got a mesage awhile back about us being busy and taking awhile to
      answer mail. GUILTY!!! But what mail we have gotten and answered. I am so
      glad that all of you have found us and we have found you. Life is good.

      GD and employment. Get identified as having GD in your personnel records ASAP.
      The Amiricans with disabilityies act can save you job if you get it in your
      records. GD is a disabeiling disease for some folks and the more of us who
      document it the better off we are.

      Thyroid disease in pets. As it turns out last year if you did a search in
      the NET on thyroid disease most of the hits came up for thyriod disease in dogs
      and cats. Now we show up as the most prominant site. Good work.

      Dating and GD!! Go for it!!! My eyes used to bug out like no tomorrow but my
      wife still loved me. If someone doesn’t like you because how your eyes look.
      To hell with them I say. Like tho old Beatles song will you still need me will
      you still feed me when I am 64. That is what it is all about.

      I have cut back on my personal native american beliefs on the Internet BB. I
      know some of you have asked why. This is a GD BB and If they go togather I
      will use them if they don’t I can not take up the time or space for my personal
      beliefs. Just suffice it to say I am native american and proud to be. I follow
      the old ways as much as possible and It give me great sollice. Find out what
      it is that gives you peace. If you all liked my thoughts for the day that
      were related to native american sayings I will start them again. Most folks
      are surprised to know that native americans were so caring and sharing.

      I talked with some folks at the Pow Wow last night and sometimes we just shake our
      heads. Topics like slavery and the holocost come up and we ask where are the folks
      to ask what happended to the native american. It is figured that 3 Million lives
      were lost due to native americans being killed for their land. I am Lutheren
      as well as Indian. The cathlic church is putting two people up for sainthood who
      killed off an entire tribe of native americans when they would not convert to
      christianity. They killed men women and children and they are being considered
      for saint hood. Not trying to get political folks. I do have a tendancy to get
      emotional. My own experience is close to the slaves from Africa. My ancesters
      were taken from their families as young children and sent ot Carlile Barrecks
      in Pa as children. Theri families were relocated from PA to Kansas then to
      Okalahoma. They never saw their families again just like the slaves and the Jews.
      Sorry folks got on my high horse again. That is why I stopped posting about
      my native american beliefs. Read the trail of tears. It is an outstanding book.

      If you want to talk about native americans drop me an e-mail. I will stick to
      GD related topics from now on.

      Well got to walk the dogs and head off science fair to see how the son unit did.
      Took first place last year lets see how this year goes.

      Love to all and I wish you peace. You are all trully warriors who have this
      disease and carry on every day.

      Jake (Achgook, Snake in my native tounge)

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        Dear Jake,

        I for one do not want you to stop your native wisdom on this BB.
        It seems to me to be universal and non-denominational.
        Wisdom is wisdom regardles of the source. It applies to this BB as
        many of us need to seek a calmer, clearer and more focused
        path in life. Many of us also need to be educated about the natives
        of our land-in all of the Americas. Please do not stop.

        I am grateful for all that you share about your heritage.


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          Jake, You are the BEST!!!!
          1. Welcome home!
          2. Thanks for starting this BB. I really tend to sound off and I need
          to do that right now. Utter Frustration.
          3. Aghcook or however you spell it sounds like a sneeze so I was worried
          you were sick. Glad you’re not. Someone just called me today with
          the observation that we seldeom catch colds. Other treated GD patients
          have noticed that too. I’m hypothesizing that it’s is due to an overactive
          immune system. But anyway I thought we could use some good news.
          4. We have hardly any native americans in CT but the largest casino in
          the world which sponsors the largest pow wow in the world. So come on
          up some time to Schemitzun (spelling??) in early Autumn at the FOXWOODS
          casimno in Ledyard CT. I love the rhythms and the colors of the native dancers.
          5. Can you make it tot the natinal conference of NGDF in CO?

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            Jake I fully agree with Julie on this one.
            I look forward to seeing your Posts on the BB
            I Think they are VERY relevant to our situation.
            Julie is right when she says we need to learn more
            about the Native American and also the peace that you wisdom brings.
            Please do not stop.
            Lynn from Toronto

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