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      Just wanted to say Hi. I’m Fancy1 because I posted to this site about 4 years ago when I first found out I had GD. I also ride horses, if fact have 14 right now. I was reading over the BB and saw your posting. I just wanted to say I can relate. It was almost like reading my past. Things are a lot better now, however, it is my experience that you can’t relax with this disease. You constantly have to watch what you eat. If my hormones flucuate, my eyes bother me. My symtoms go up and down. Recently my eyes have swollen and gotten bloodshot. I can’t tell if my dosage is too low or too high. I just had a check up and blood test. All levels check out whith the “normal range”, but depending on what time of the month it is, I still have problems. I’m sure your hormones have a lot to do with it. I really wanted to get imput on if others are having any success with losing weight? I need to shed about 40 lbs. that won’t budge. I also still get out of breath with certain things I eat. I usually try to stay away from sugar, too much of that creates havoc on my eyes. Sorry didn’t mean to ramble on, it just feels kind of good to be able to talk again with a group that can relate.

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