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      Greetings all you warriors!!!

      Well I had a ton of e-mail on the BB and people getting their feelings hurt.
      I have to say that as the on-line facilitator there are some things we all
      need to keep in mind.

      First if you have not read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on the
      web site please do so. If you have not read the disclaimer on what is allowed
      on this board please do so. This board is done on a volenteer basis by those of
      us who have made the commitment to do this. We are not professionals in a
      medical field just Graves warriors like you all.

      The BB has grown over the year and we are having growing pains, plain and simple.
      We try to answer all messages and some of them are done by individual e-mail as
      opposed to a general post. So some of you may slip through the cracks by not
      getting a response. This is a BB that is run by folks who care and try to take
      the time to answer questions and posts as well as run their daily lives just like
      all of you. Now if you do not like some of the responses you get to your posts it
      is to be expected. Harsh??? No! Just understand that their are folks from
      around the world on here and each of us in is a different stage of our life with
      GD and each of us has had different expetiences and each culter may have a different
      way of looking at the disease.

      We are looking at breaking out the BB into sections so you can post to a section
      that my deal with where you are right now. This would put you in touch with others
      who are where you are now and can relate. Others may go to another section to go over
      where they are in the disease process.

      Bottom line is we are not professionals. We cannot doctor bash. We cannot mention
      specific drugs by name. We are all caring people who want to help others. We can offer
      support when we feel like pulling out our hair. We can try to help someone find the
      trail in the darkness.

      If you feel that you have been slighted take a deep breath and hold off posting for a few
      days if that is what it takes. YOu post you may not like what you get back. It is easier
      to try to take a breather than blast off into space. If you still feel slighted e-mail me
      or Nancy and we will take a look at what is going on.

      Hope this helps.

      May grandfather give you good dreams.

      Jake George (Achgook)
      on-line facilitator

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