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      THR could possibly stand for thyroid hormone replacement?? Anyway, could you be hypo? Hypo can cause burning, fatigued muscles. Hypo or hyper can cause strange skin sensations (numbness, feeling like part of your body is asleep, etc.). Believe me, I repeatedly asked my endo and my gp about various symptoms and usually got the ‘I don’t know’. If my latest tests were in range, I would get the ‘Well, it’s not your thyroid’. I believe that it takes months for the body to adjust to the changing thyroid hormone levels in your body. I have also experienced having symptoms before my tsh test caught up with what I was feeling.

      Some of the weird symptoms I have had (after treatment): shortness of breath, feet going numb, muscle aches and weakness, joint pain, diarrhea (can’t seem to get rid of that one), palpitations, painful lymph glands, feeling like something was stuck in my throat. No tests I have ever had for any of these complaints have revealed anything.
      Right now the only lingering one is the diarrhea.

      So hang in there.

        Post count: 93172

        Hi Missy,

        Graves’ disease is characterized by the antibodies in our bloodstream, which can produce certain symptoms. One of those symptoms is hyperthyroidism, another is the eye disease, and the last known symptom caused by the antibodies is the pretibial myxedema that’s been discussed over the past few days. If your hyperthyroidism is controlled (by whatever treatment method you choose) and you are not experiencing symptoms relating to the eye disease or the pretibial myxedema, then even though the antibodies are in your system, it is not necessary to have any further “treatment” for Graves’ disease. Of course if you’re hypo, then you need replacement hormone, but there is no daily medicine to take to “control” the antibodies.

        Hope this helps!


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