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      I was just thinking, I know, very dangerous. I was thinking that
      wouldn’t it be nice if I could blame all of my imperfections on
      Graves disease. I mean really my friends, wouldn’t it be nice?
      If I could get away with it, I’d blame Graves disease for:

      My pin straight hair…
      The fact that I can never remember where I’ve parked my car…
      (from the day I started driving, I’ve had a parking mental block)
      The fact that I can not keep a clean house….
      Biting my nails….
      Daydreaming in Church….
      Constantly missplacing my eye glasses…
      Hating peas…
      Loving icecream…

      As you can tell, I’m in a VERY strange mood today. If you could
      get away with it…what would you love to blame on Graves?


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