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      Hi everyone…I can’t believe how many of you there are these days…I’ve been out of regular touch with the BB for a few weeks now, and I’m so far behind with reading the posts, much less entering my own…I do answer my E-mails, and Dianne N. , I’m alive and well with fond hopes you’re doing well yourself. Today I saw my doc…I’m free! She cut me loose…no return visit…unless I need to…My labs are normal for the 1st time in years perhaps! I think I had my GD alot longer than I knew. Letting it go and denying it was a mistake I made…not for long tho’, when the tremors and heart palpitations and the hot flashes hit…So, I’m happy and I don’t have to have a lab draw for 2 months now…my TSH is 1.68…She said this was acceptable but we could play around furthur with my medication dose…(don’t worry, I won’t say medication names anymore…I was guilty, too.) Now what was I saying? The memory still is weird sometimes. So, I’m back in the mainstream of life, back at a crazy job, doing it well, I believe, under the circumstances..I really wondered if I would ever have the mental capacity to work again during this process. Take heart out there, all you who are still suffering…it can and does get better. I was in San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Rosa these last few days doing a business/pleasure combo trip. first time I felt good enough and confident enough in ages! I’ll stay in touch with the BB as best I can…the group has grown so…My bed is beckoning…Another work day approaches and the critters still need feeding…Rachel

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