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      Hi everyone!

      Live has gotten completely hectic and out of hand lately. I’m trying
      to catch up on the BB. Absolutely amazing how our numbers and posts
      have increased since this started! Used to take me 5-10 minutes to
      read the day’s posts and now I can’t get through them. I love all the
      support everyone is giving and getting.

      A short update. I have been off all GD medication (was taking PTU) for
      7 weeks now. So far, no hyper symptoms and I am beginning to have
      energy once again. There really is hope that things will get better!
      My eyes are a little worse, though. I use more drops and I think the
      left one is starting to bulge a little. I’ll see the eye doc again
      next month.

      Jeannette – I got your email. If I find time, I will respond to your
      survey. Diane – I’m still trying to write stuff for your home page.
      Steve – I’m so sorry you are still feeling so bad. Hang in there. I
      discovered that when people say “Oh, I never could deal with that” my
      first reaction is anger. Nobody gave me a choice about what I have
      to deal with – I just do what I have to do.

      I haven’t seen anything recently about stress reduction. It helps so
      much. One great book to teach you how to meditate or relax is
      “The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook”. It’s worth a try.

      To those who sent condolences when my kitty ‘Fritz’ died after
      Christmas. I just want you to know I love my new Bengal kitty, Ali.
      We recently got her a friend – a mixed calico we named ‘Gypsy’. It’s
      not the same, but helps a lot.


        Post count: 93172

        In 1994, I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. I had radiation therapy
        on my thyroid and a few months later, my sister had the same thing done.
        We both live in different states and are two years apart in age.
        In 1996, I got the thyroid eye disease and had problems with the left
        eye protruding severely. I looked terrible and felt even worse. The
        doctors gave me prednisone, which did nothing but make me even more
        miserable. Then, several months later, and after worsening side effects,
        the doctors prescribed eye radiation. I went to a reputable onconology/
        radiation clinic and had 10 sessions. My last dose was 12/27/97 and on
        4/15/97, my opthalmalolgist has reported to me that my eyes are almost
        back to normal! I said many prayers and my friends were praying for me.
        My doctors were even praying for me. The radiologist said that there
        was only a 50% chance that the swelling would go down and only a 20%
        chance that the muscles would move as they are supposed to. Well,
        prayers were answered. My eyes are just about back to normal. In June
        of this year, I will be having eyelid surgery to correct the lid
        involvement from the protrusion that has not returned to its normal
        state. It will be minimal surgery with only a local anesthetic. I
        did find a lot of information about the disease on line and asked my
        doctor if I could read some of his books on the subject.
        The thing that baffles me is that the doctors and researchers are not
        really sure about the cause of Grave’s Disease. All they can do is
        treat the symptoms. My opthalmalogist is with the University of Florida
        and is a great physician. I pray that anyone who reads this message
        and has the same problems will be healed. I am convinced that sometimes
        medicine and prayers work hand in hand. If you don’t believe in prayers,
        that is your perogative, but as for me, the proof is in the mirror!


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          Thanks for posting. Inspiring story. If you can E-mail me I would like to know
          the Dr. name in Gainesville. Thanks

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            After the RAI, were you hypothyroid and on medication. Did you ever become hyper again before the eye problems?

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