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      Using the internet is an exellent way of empowering yourself’
      empowerment gives you control over your health care which is
      psychologically good for you. The advice that is given in the
      thyroid newsgroup is often very good and informative, but it is just
      that, advice.

      Before you act on anything that you have learnt here you should
      take it to your doctor for him/her to concider, do not assume that
      their opinion is the end of the matter if your instinct tells you
      otherwise, go elsewhere.

      I implore everyone to join their National thyroid foundation or local
      support group because it is an effective way of collecting mass
      information, funding, promoting research, educating and developing
      effective health management. Internet communication helps a great
      deal but it does not provide funds for all of this. So please if you are
      tempted *not* to join a thyroid group because you get good support
      on the internet, concider all those people who do not have access
      to information like us.

      Many of the big health foundations have been hit hard by the internet and
      have lost much of their membership. As a consequence they have
      attacked the value of the internet and the information found there.
      So please don’t let this happen with thyroid support groups and
      use the internet to promote your National groups whenever possible.
      The two forms of support can be used hand in hand when used
      properly and benefit us all.

      Put a bit of money where your mouth can’t reach, so that you can
      do your bit to enhance research and education for all :o)


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