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      I was searching for “Graves disease causes ” on Pubmed and found this new study linking the gut and Graves eye disease. The same factors influencing Graves onset, like stress and infection, affect balance of bacteria in the gut where most T cells are made. Evidently, this increases inflammation and immune response. Would be nice if this would lead to preventing that response and thus the eye disease. Fixing the ravages of Graves ophthalmopathy is not ideal!

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        Wow, definitely an interesting line of inquiry – thanks for posting!

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          Interesting. Around the same time that I first started experiencing Graves’ symptoms (tremors) I was also having severe intestinal problems. I was seriously ill and needed surgery. I think my Graves’ contributed to my slow recovery while my Graves’ symptoms were blamed on my other illness. I was losing tons of weight and no one ever thought to check my thyroid levels. 😡

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            emmtee, makes me wonder how many of us had GI issues prior to onset of Graves. I had my first bouts of irritable bowel a few months before Graves. Had never been to a gastroenterologist before those episodes. Never connected it with Graves onset, although I did connect the stress triggering the IBS to Graves.

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