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      Here is another piece of Native American Poetry that I find very powerful but peaceful at the same time:

      Within the Silence

      In the Silence the heartbeat of Love is heard
      From the Silence we are born
      It is the Silence we must remember
      Enter the Silence within and search for the sacred witness
      Once found, remembering begins
      And the hearbeat of Love is heard once more
      Drumming its message – the Silence is in all
      In the eagle soaring above the clouds
      In the horse running with the wind
      In the eyes of a friend
      We are reflections of each other
      Reflections of the Silence
      We complete each other
      Look beyond the deceptions and illusions

      See the truth in our reflections
      The truth that lives in all
      The truth that is in the Silence
      We create these illusions and deceptions
      It is we who must break through them
      To remember the truth of Silence
      To receive the knowing revealed in the Silence
      Connecting with each other in peace and love breaks the illusions
      And brings us to the truth of Silence
      And with the truth comes the power of the Silence
      The power of compassion and giving
      The power of sharing our talents and abilities with each other
      Sharing our reflection with all reflections
      For in sharing, we meet in the truth of Silence
      Once more our hearts beat as one
      And we remember
      We are the Silence

      May the power and the peace of the silence always be with you.

      Mitakuye Oyasin

        Post count: 93172


        I truly envy you your heritage and the peace and oneness it recognizes. Thanks for sharing.


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