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      Hi, conference goers!!

      Boy, reading your messages makes me realize how the other BBers felt
      last year when we were posting from the conference – sad and kind of
      empty, knowing that we missed out on something very special. Yeah, I
      admit it. I’m feeling left out right now – jealous that you got to go
      and I didn’t. Oh, well. There’s always another time. (Jake, sounds
      like you carried on the tradition well. hehe)

      Okay, last year I took the time to type out my numerous notes to share
      with the BB. I would REALLY appreciate it if someone would do the
      honors this year. What’s new in the world of Graves’??

      Thank you kindly in advance!

      One of the original warriors, Debby

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        Here we sit at Kinkos again. Been playing my flute here at the computer store.
        The folks said the lady on the buggy ride would use the whip on me if I didn’t
        Behave but I only paid five bucks for the ride so knew there was no hope for that.

        Going to go bac to the hotel and do some beers eh? You hoser eh?

        Will do a beer and a rye for Steve O!!!!!

        Jake the Snake

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          make it crown royal Jake
          im glad everything went well
          hope to to make it next year


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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