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      Morning Warriors,

      I did this on word and copied it in to the post. Not sure how it will look on
      the BB. So be prepared.

      It seems about every six months or so that someone posts a question on the BB
      about the NGDF and their lack of support to research. Casey’s e-mail this
      morning made me think about that. Casey stated there are many groups out there
      that perform different functions. They hit the nail on the head when they said
      it appears we a support and educational organization we do encourage research but
      do not have the funds to fund it. We do work with research organizations to
      provide them information and work with them in finding people interested in being
      part of a study. We have been parts of many studies over the years. Some of our
      bulletins give the results of those studies.

      Our Mission Statement says:

      · To provide current medical information and referral and resource information to
      those with Graves’ disease.
      · To provide social and psychological support for those with Graves’ disease by
      aiding in the development of locally based support groups, and providing a One-to-One
      individual network.
      · To provide information that incorporates a multi-disciplined approach to the
      treatment of Graves’ disease.
      · To provide public education through the distribution of literature, lectures
      and presentations in the media and the community.
      · To provide professional education through lectures and forums on the prevalence
      and treatment of Graves’ disease.
      · To publish a periodic newsletter to share information with the membership.
      · To establish liaison relationships with the major schools, hospitals and research
      institutions both nationally and internationally.

      Our board of Advisor’s reads like a who’s who in the Thyroid world. Many of them are doing research in the fields of drugs for Graves (Dr. Betty Dong), the Psychiatry aspects of Graves (Dr. Arthur Prang) and research in testing antibodies and other research relating to autoimmune disease.

      Our board of Directors and Advisors:

      Directors & Medical Advisory Board
      Nancy Hord Patterson, ARNP, PhD        Burnice Z. Brown, MD        Robert L. Bucher, MD
      Executive Director         Reconstructive Surgery        Endocrinology
      Brevard, North Carolina         Los Angeles, California        St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

      Allen S. Burris, MD        Betty J. Dong, Pharm.D        Thomas J. Flynn, MD                
      Endocrinology         Pharmacy         Internal Medicine                
      Richmond, Virginia        San Francisco, California        Green Cove Springs, Florida                

      Michael J. Glade, PhD        M. Carol Greenlee, MD        Clinton D. McCord, MD                
      Pharmacy         Endocrinology         Reconstructive Surgery                
      Chicago, Illinois        Allentown, Pennsylvania        Atlanta, Georgia                

      James A. Pittman, MD        Arthur J. Prange, Jr., MD        William Starkweather                
      Endocrinology         Psychiatry         Biological Research                
      Birmingham, Alabama        Chapel Hill, North Carolina        Gaithersburg, Maryland                

      Robert A. Stern, PhD        David R. Sutton, Jr., MD        Robert Volpe’, MD                
      Neuropsychology         Endocrinology         Endocrinology                
      Providence, Rhode Island Jacksonville, FL         Toronto, Canada                

      Harvey B. Walkov, MD        Jack R. Wall, MD        Robert R. Waller, MD                
      Nuclear Medicine        Endocrinology         (Emertis) Ophthalmology                
      Sacramento, California        Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Rochester, Minnesota                

      I almost started to take offense to Casey’s comment about letting them know
      about a reputable organization to donate funds to until I thought about it for
      a moment. It really does make sense. Two years ago there was nothing on the
      Internet about Graves disease. Now there are quite a few sites. Each is geared
      towards a particular audience. One must be careful about where one sends money
      or who you donate to. We provide Education and support. I have also included our
      history here for you all to see.


      Established in 1990, the National Graves’ Disease Foundation is the only national,
      lay, nonprofit, educational organization open exclusively to people with Graves’
      disease, their families, friends and health care professionals.

      The NGDF offers a multi-disciplinary approach to a complex problem. Representatives
      of all related disciplines are included on the Medical and Advisory board: Endocrinology,
      Surgery, Nursing, Opthalmology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Pharmacology,
      Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Graves’ disease patients.

      The National Graves’ Disease Foundation is dedicated to increasing the public awareness of
      the disease and providing support and information to people with the illness.

      All of this andMore is available from our web site by clicking on the Green thyroid on the
      top of the page. We are there for you. Each and every one of you!! We may take some time
      to answer e-mail because we are all volunteers. We do not have a paid staff like some other
      organizations. We do not have a paid staff to go out and hit the Internet to add our Links
      to every site that pops up. We devote our time to trying to help others and to educate. If
      we have time left after working, school, kids, family, answering posts, e-mail etc. then we
      surf the net to add our site to others out there.

      We do this for free. Only twice have I asked people on the BB to join the NGDF. If you join
      great it will help. If you don’t we still support everyone no questions asked. I run the BB
      for the NGDF and have no clue nor do I care how many are members. I also run the local support
      group here in Melbourne FL. I also do not know who in my group is a member of the NGDF nor do
      I care if they are members. We are there to provide support and education.

      I know this was long but felt it had to be said. We need to be reminded once in awhile that we
      do this for you at no cost to you unless you choose to join the NGDF.

      Jake George
      On-line Facilitator
      National Graves Disease Foundation

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        That was very informative, but, is there a cure? Many people who take supplements still experience many hyper or hypo thyroid symptoms. Is there any way to return to normal, enjoy optimal health, well being, and vigor? You may email me at home. Thanks, avak

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