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      Hi everyone,
      This memory thing is a biggy for me too, I use to beable to read something once and could literally recall it verbatim, years later. I remember whe this first started to go was about 5 years before diagnosis…the first thing I can ‘remember’ forgetting was at the bank for a withdrawal and couldn’t remember our pin number, something we had had for years…and used often!!! Hmmmmm recalling something years old but can’t remember what I had for breakfast…does that mean in 5 years I will remember where I put my original set of carkeys that I put up so I would *remember* where I put them … LOL

      One of the biggest things I do now is write everything down, I use
      3 X 5 cards, I have a stack in my purse, on my dining room table, on the end table in my livingroom, on my computer center…I think I should have taken out stock in the company…but they are handy to use, they don’t get mutilated as quickly as paper, they fit nicely into the checkbook, into the wallet a pocket and just about any place else you can think of…I HAVE to write EVERYTHING down…I don’t always have to refer to them, but on any given day I just never know.

      Another thing that I have noticed is that I seem to *type* dyslexic, I know there is probably no such thing, but words like have come out ahve, thyroid is thryoid, and is nad etc…it is another peeve of this disease. It does get some better though, at least I remembered my hubbys birthday tonight :)

      *HUGZ* to all,

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