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      The conference in Cincinnati this year was fantastic. Jan and I drove up from Florida, so we had the added benefit of enjoying the changing seasons and looking at the changing leaves. The hotel was first rate and very comfortable.

      The speakers this year were some of the best we’ve had, and we’ve had a lot of outstanding speakers over the years. I believe this year we had more people come from different states than we had in the past. A lot of newly diagnosed looking for answers old hands well to offer support, and a steady cadre of members in NGDF facilitators who make every conference.

      There were some folks who were messed from previous conferences who could not make it due to personal reasons and they were sorely missed. You see, when you attend one conference you become family. The newly diagnosed had never met anybody with Graves’ disease before. They walk into a room of over 60 people who looked just like them. Not only did they show the symptoms of Graves’ disease they were able to identify with each other due to their similar circumstances. They went from being alone to realizing there were a lot of people just like them: having the same problems, the same symptoms, the same doubts and the same questions. During the course of three days, they had the chance to ask the doctors the questions they wanted answers to. They had a chance see the other Graves’ folks who’ve had it for a long time who could give them life experience. They had a chance to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel and those who’ve had Graves’ disease for a long time have been able to go on and accomplish many things.
      We laughed; we cried, at the end will hug each other and wished each other well. Each knowing when they went home that they never had to be alone again. They know the friends they made at the conference are only a phone call or an e-mail away.

      On a sad note, one of the missing people this year was Diane Barnes. Diane had been a facilitator for several years. Diane passed away this year unexpectedly, unrelated to Graves’ disease, a chair was draped in black in her honor. She may not have made it to the conference in body but she was at the conference and spirit.

      We are only a click away,

      Jake George,
      National Graves’ Disease Foundation
      Co-Author: “Graves’ Disease In Our Own Words”

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        Hello everyone. I’m Lisa Barnes, Diane Barnes’ daughter. Some of you I have met before, others of you I have not and wanted to introduce myself. I just wanted to thank everyone for there kinds works, prayers, and talks since my Mothers passing. I just wanted to stress how much this bulletin board and you warriors meant to my mother. Words cannot express the love and big heart that my Mother had for everyone. Jake, Nancy and every one else, thank you of honoring my Mother at the conference. That was very touching. She was looking forward to this years conference. I would love to keep in touch with you all. Any one may email me if they would like. And to keep this short, just a quick intro for those who don’t know much about me. I’ll be 35 in a month. Was diagnosed in July of 2003 but was sick for about a year before I was diagnosed. My mother pretty much diagnosed me since she had graves disease as well. I have the lovely TED to go along with my graves. I had RAI in november of 2003 and starting feeling a little better in May of 2004. My eyes went back to as “normal” possible after the RAI. I still have slight double vison at times, and my left eye points down quite a bit. But again I wanted to thank you all!!! and I will try to post on here as often as I can!!

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          Welcome, Lisa! I missed your mom at the conference this year very much, and can only imagine how you are coping with your loss. My sincere condolences, and I hope you will post here often. I’m sending you a private email as well.

          Best wishes,
          Dianne W Online Facilitator

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