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      For the past year (since my diagnosis and a few months before) I have eaten
      unreasonable amounts of sugar. I crave sweets uncontrollably. I want candy! Preferably flavoured sugar;
      things like smarties and those big ball candies called bleep blips.

      My doctors (primary care and endo) simply shrug when I continually report this. A friend, an HIV
      specialist, believes there is some biochemical basis for the craving and has not chastised me for
      giving in to it.

      Go figure…


      P.S. I must eat about 20-25 lbs. per month of these candies. Funny thing is, I feel rotten when I don’t eat
      them. . . have no energy, sleepy, lethargic, unfocused…

        Post count: 93172

        I appreciate the replies, and you’ve given me some ideas to research further. My cholesterol, at last reading, was high – it’s always been normal (mid to high range) before. The theory on the ATDs (in my case, the “T” drug) affecting iodine absorption are worth looking into, also. From what I can find out, the two blood tests the doctor wants done relate to how the adrenal glands work. I hope it is just a temporary thyroid-adjusting thing, like the leg cramps and hair loss I am experiencing. Aug. 14 is a long time to wait to find out something, though. Thanks y’all

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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