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      Hi, Barb and Debby

      Your postings have given me hope and encouragement… It was what I need to hear. Do you both work on keeping your stress levels in check to maintain what you are? I am working on changing my lifestyle. Thanks

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        Hi, Belinda!

        As you know, stress levels are hard to control, and as a special
        education teacher it’s hard to avoid it. Summer is my salvation – it’s
        my time to regenerate and finally take care of myself. As a side note,
        you’d be amazed at how many teachers have posted on this BB. I think
        that if you matched Graves’ disease with occupations, you’d find a high
        percentage of teachers on that list.

        My stress shows up in my eyes and stomach. When stress levels are
        high my eyes become more teary, burning and irritated. I get
        indigestion and diarrhea quite easily. I also am irritable and Brent
        knows when to give me my space. (Poor guy – summer is his salvation
        also, I guess.) But, to be fair, controlling stress is a battle for
        people with or without Graves’.

        To keep my stress levels in check, I try to stay organized and prioritize.
        I keep calendars handy, make lists, and try to do what *needs* to be
        done first. But, I also make time for myself and my hobbies. I have
        learned to say no to many things – volunteering, being on committees,
        attending games and concerts that my students are in, going to parties,
        etc. I try to take on only what I know that I can handle. Most
        importantly, I exercise and try to get a good night’s sleep. I know
        that my body and mind need at least eight hours of sleep each night
        (something that I need to work on during the school year.) Bottom line,
        with the risk of sounding self-centered, I look out for number one – ME.
        I won’t be able to be the wife, teacher, or friend that I want to be
        if I don’t take care of myself first.

        My advice: learn to recognize your stress symptoms, try to avoid
        situations that you know will be very stressful, try different ways to
        relieve/cope with stress – keep and use the ones that work for you.
        Maintaining a positive outlook helps, also. Look for the rainbow after
        every storm.

        Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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          Thank you for all your responses. The information has been very
          helpful. If my TSH levels stay below normal, I think I will request
          to have my T3 levels checked. Once again thank you. Toni

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            Dear Belinda:
            Well,hello there thank-you for the nice posting but really not necessary,but sure nice to hear. Anyways about stress and life!I truly with all my heart believe that it’s all to do with ones attitude
            and how one looks at life and life problems.I also think that our Graves is handled alot by our outlook also,if I get all stressed out then I can count on my graves acting up as well and for sure,they go hand in hand with one another.So what i try very hard to do is pick what I really need and dis-regard the rest–so actually pick and choose what you need and get rid of the rest.One has to really monitor where they are when it comes to there stress levels and I guess just plain old taking care of ones self,your eating habits your sleeping patterns,well I sure don’t want to preach to anyone that is for sure people so forgive me here I was getting on a roll wasn’t I? I will shush up now.hahah But mainly I would say LIVE,LOVE AND LEARN TO LAUGH AND ENJOY LIFE AND PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT YOUR GOING TO BITCH ABOUT,TAKE CARE EVERYONE AND HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND,BARB LITTLE WARRIOR

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