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      Hi All,

      I just want to let everone know that Archie and Annette Hensley are
      working on the CHAT room. They also have made it quicker to load the
      message board by just showing the last 30 days of messages. Archie and
      Annette are providing this bulletin board, the CHAT room and the WEB page
      that we are still working on. Their company Hensley International is
      providing this service to all of us free of charge!!! I call them at least
      once a week to talk about the CHAT room and the home page and I am always
      thanking them for what they are doing for us. They spend a lot of time
      to set this up for us and if you feel so inclined to drop them a line and
      thank them it would be most appreciated I’m sure. It’s a dying breed that
      does something for nothing other than to know it helps someone. LEt them
      know that you like the board or would like to see something else ont it.
      They have asked me for input on the board and I am asking yours. Once
      again THANK YOU ARCHIE AND ANNETTE!!!!!!! for all you have done and for
      putting up with my rambeling phone calls sometimes. We will keep you
      informed of whats coming down the pike.


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