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      Thanks to Jan, Jake, SAS, Michele for your welcome post a few days ago. I am feeling somewhat better. I had prisms fitted yesterday, I get them in one week. Sure hope they help this double vision. I have taken Jake’s advice and will wait until June or so, to consider strabimus surgery. I am trying very hard to stay in a positive mind set. Just reading this BB can be uplifting. We sure aren’t alone. A good hair cut and a new shirt sounds like a good idea to me SAS. Think I will put that on next weeks to do list. Thanks again to all. Fran

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        I have been reading the bulletin board for several weeks now. I feel very lucky because the difficulties I am experiencing due to Graves are not as severe as several of you are experiencing. I continue to work and enjoy all the activities I enjoyed before developing Graves. The biggest hassle for me has been not being able to drive at night which is inconvenient but provides me with an opportunity to visit with friends as I ride with them when we go places at night.

        Thanks to all of you who post questions, responses, observations an experiences here. When I was diagnosed with Graves, I received almost no information from my doctor and even my public library only had sketchy information about the disease in medical books. The most useful information I have found is from the internet and this bulletin board. I agree that so much of what you find is focused on the onset of the disease and it leaves me with a “then what” feeling. I imagine as more and more of us share information and more research is done we find more out about the disease.

        Keep up the good work and the sharing of information. I hope you all have a wonderful week,


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