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      Thanks to Redbird who gave me an answer on my sore tongue. I will talk
      with the endo about your suggestion.

      Now, more questions. Because of swallowing problems in Nov. a doctor had
      a thyroid scan done. She said it showed “cold nodules” and my thyroid
      levels were a little off, but didn’t think my symptoms were caused by
      thyroid disease, but the stress I’m under (I have a manic-depressive
      teenage son and that has led every doctor I have seen to automatically
      assume stress is causing me to be sick.). She said take Atavan. I didn’t.
      Another doctor wanted to put me on Prozac, I didn’t take that either. Now
      I have information that is frankly scaring me to death regarding nodules
      and cancer. I don’t see the endo til Feb. 23 as he only comes to our area
      once a month. I think I should try and go to him (he’s about 180 miles
      of where I live (Northern Maine, near the Canadian border). Am I right to
      be concerned and try to get in sooner?

      Also, my reg. doc prescribed Tapazole and wanted me to take 60 mg. per day!
      The pharmacist I got the medicine from said call him, that seems a lot high
      for someone just newly diagnosed. I called him, and he said they usually
      start patients on a high dose and then decrease it, but if I wanted I
      could cut it back to 30 mg. per day and when I see him the first of Feb.
      new blood tests will be done. The things I’ve read on the BB seem to
      indicate that even 30 mg. is high (most of the things I’ve read say
      people are taking 5 or 10 mg. per day). Is this high and do I stand
      a better chance of having side effects on a higher dose?

      I am really anxious right now about this whole thing. Everything seems to
      be going so slowly, from blood test results to doctor’s appointments and
      it really seems urgent to me that something be done now. I wonder too if
      I’ve had this a really long time. I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse
      15 years ago and have taken atenolol (only 25 mg. per day) all that time,
      but the symptoms are so similar to hyperthyroid and if I’ve had it a long time
      and the nodlules turn out to be cancer, there is the possibility of it
      spreading and that terrifies me.

      Sorry to go on so long, I guess I’m in the “just found out some information
      and now I’m terrified” stage. My husband, the steady rock in my life and
      the ever practical has cautioned me not to get ahead of myself, and I
      know he’s right, but after being sick for so long and having it brushed
      off as “stress” I want to get this show on the road and finally start
      feeling better and get back to business of living again.

      Any input on the above would be tremendously appreciated. I am so glad I
      found the BB and even found a support group fairly close by (even farther
      north in Northern Maine than I am!) Thanks for your support.

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        Hi, Aurelie:

        I don’t know if this will help or not, but according to my reference book on thyroid problems only about 10% of cold thyroid nodules are malignant. The scan can only be used to distinguish “hot” nodules from “cold” ones, and is of little or no value in determining whether a cold nodule is malignant or not. Other reasons for the presence of cold nodules, according to this book, can be cysts, thyroiditis, degeneration, or benign tumors. “Hot” and “cold” here refer to the amount of gland activity that can be observed from the scan. With hot nodules, there is a lot of activity (i.e. they can see that that particular part of the thyroid soaked up way more iodine than other parts). With cold nodules, there is not much gland activity. Also, with thyroid cancer, it is my understanding that it is usually extremely slow-growing and very, very treatable with good long-term results.

        Obviously, waiting until the end of February for a chance to see a doctor is a worry, and if you would feel better being seen sooner, rather than later, that would probably set your mind at ease, and relieve some stress. But there may be no reason to panic at this point.

        I really do wish you good luck and good health.


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          I appreciate the kind responses from Glynis, Ron and Bobbi. I
          have calmed down a bit since my last post, and have made an
          appointment for Jan. 30 to see the endo. Until then I’ve vowed
          not to assume the worst. Thanks again.

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