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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say that I am glad this is here. When I first found
    out that I had graves I was very scrared and upset. I was also unreasonable
    when it came to dealing with this disease. After reading other people’s
    posts and hearing that others are dealing with this and going on with
    thier lives, I at least have some hope that I can to. I am still a little
    worried and I am not willing to do anything except take the ptu for right
    now but I now know there are other options that may be acceptable to me
    if needed.

    Thanks everyone it is a big relief to know that I am not alone in dealing with this.

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    thanks michelle, I love ben and jerry’s too! I’m really going to have
    to watch what I eat, I’m a chocolate freak! thanks for your message, I’m
    glad to hear that I may feel better soon. My consult is in 2 weeks,
    then RAI just before thanksgiving. Has anyone had problems getting
    their insurance to approve the treatment? I had trouble just getting the
    original referral to the endo! it seems to be going ok now… i’ll
    keep you all posted.
    thanks for being there,

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    You shouldn’t have any trouble getting RAI treatment paid for by your
    health insurer. It’s the accepted treatment for a potentially fatal
    disease and it’s the cheapest treatment available. Good luck and don’t
    worry, it’s the easiest and fastest treatment for the problem. Not at
    all painful and works relatively quickly compared to antithyroid meds.
    Many people have no problems at all after treatment.

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    shan, With my insurence, I had a $1,000 deductable. That came up pretty fast, but I have had problems with them.
    I have the hospital send the insurence company a bill as well as myself. Then I just send them another copy. They do cover 80%
    now. They are a little slow, but the hospital knows they will get around to eventually.
    As far as not coving stuff, the only problem I had was when I went to an eye doctor. My endo had not felt it was relly urgent,
    but I make my living in film, on the field so I felt I had to. The insurence company did come around.
    I calmly reminded them that many problems come with GD. Wouldn’t it be better to keep on top of things, rather than letting
    them get out of control?

    I do hope your insurence company is reasonable and don’t put added stress on you.

    Good luck, Michelle D.

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    CLP, how r u.

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