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      Hi everyone!! Iwant to thank everyone who sent me an e-mail regarding my loss of taste problem. My
      question is, Whwn did you get your taste back? Did you get it back? My
      Doc switched me from PTU to Tapazole 10 days ago and I still can’t taste. Did anyone else do this switch??
      Did it work?? I am losing my mind with this side effect. With all the other symptons of this disease, I at least need some comfort from
      a piece of chocolate!!!
      I am also intersted in hearing from anyone who did the switch from PTU to Tapazole for any other reason. I seem to be getting more tired than usual again since the switch.
      I was feeling a little better after taking PTU for 6 weeks, now I seem to be going backwards.
      I am sure it will pass, just like with the PTU. Let me know.

      For everyone who sent me an e-mail, I will be responding to each of you this week. I’ll sign on after work.(Work takes all my energy, bear with me) Thanks again, have a great day!


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