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      Thanks for the info & good advice. After a month of this, it is definitely
      about time I get more involved with my doctors. Hopefully they won’t get
      too irritated by all of my questions!

      Best of luck to you!


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        Dear Bobbi,

        Thanks for being concerned and writing back to me. I’m not glad I discovered other people with this problem, but I am gald that I’m not alone in it. I certainly give you a lot of credit for being able to teach and still deal with this obstable. It certainly must of been hard for you to change the way you were before Graves’ entered into your life. I can tell you are a fighter and found ways to overcome the effects of this disease.

        I would like to know the name of the book you mentioned (STUDY SMART). I also would like to find some information on possible studies done on Graves’ and memory, concentration and confussion.

        I had a talk with my supervisor today and told her I would not let the City of Boise (which I work for) suffer because of my shortcomings. I would try to find alternatives to my problem. I do hope I can find some hard copies of this problem to turn into my management.

        Again thanks and take care of yourself… Diana

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          Thanks so much for your advice, Bobbi! I really appreciate it! I never thought that a neve might be causing the numbness…..I already had myself diagnosed with a hundred NEW things!! I will definetly bring it to my doctors attention (again)…she didn’t seem too concerned the first time I brought it up…..of course they never seem to be!!! I think every doctor should take sensitivity training and learn how to be a little more sympethetic and undestanding to their patients…especially when we’re shelling out the big bucks for their help! But…that’s a whole other message board!! Thanks again….

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