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      Your post regarding your research on the use
      of antithyroid meds in the treatment of GD
      was very informative. I love your positive
      attitude and outlook on life. Thank you for
      sharing with us.

      According to the 1990 edition of The New
      Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary, the definition
      of remission is (a) forgiveness, such as in the
      remission of sins or (b) a decrease in the
      magnitude of a force, etc. I use the word
      remission to describe my current state where
      I have a decrease in the magnitude of GD;
      therefore, I consider myself to be in
      remission from GD.

      I’m sure that we could look in 10 different
      dictionaries and come up with 10 different
      definitions. But, like Glynis, my positive
      attitude allows me to choose the above
      mentioned definition.

      Becky Ryder

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